The membership of BPPMA is voluntary and without any discrimination.


Members of BPPMA can be Bulgarian active corporations, who have their company activities in the branch of plastic pipes production and the concomitant productions and services.


The membership of BPPMA is liable to payment.

There are 2 kinds of membership depending on the rights and obligations of the members, as well as on the subscription amount:

Full membership – corporations or corporations unions who are directly connected with the plastic pipes production. This kind of membership give them the right of one vote in the General assembly and also the right to propose a representative in the Executive council (EC).

Complementary membership – corporations, corporations unions, natural persons or other organizations with non-profit object who are not directly connected with the production and installation of plastic pipes. This kind of membership give them the right of deliberative vote in the General assembly.


All kind of members have to accept unconditionally the Statute of BPPMA, to be ready to work for achieving the aims of BPPMA and to receive approval from the Executive council.



How to join BPPMA?

The admittance of new members is to be taken by entering a written application to the Executive council of BPPMA and on the recommendation of at least one present member of the association. The EC of BPPMA is obligated to express an opinion during the next session, but not later than 3 (three) months after the application has been entered. The candidates have to specify the awaited kind of their membership. The corporative applicants enclose to the application also a copy of the company registration and a company resolution for membership in BPPMA, that has been accepted from their competent executive body.