There are manufacturers in Bulgaria, who are able to cover even the most high national and European requirements regarding the production of plastic pipes for different applications.  


Therefore in Sofia on 17.11.2009 was established the non-profit organization BULGARIAN PLASTIC PIPES MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (BPPMA), a member of The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA).


The companies who laid the foundation of BPPMA are leading Bulgarian manufacturers of polyethylene (PEHD), polypropylene (РР) and PVC pipes for water supply, gas supply and sewage pipeline systems.


The basic activity of BBPMA is directed to the following tendencies:


  • To collect, finish and propagate information about the new trends of the market development in the branch.
  • To organize seminars and business conferences with subject to realize investment projects in the area of plastic pipes production.
  • To arrange meetings with state institutions in order to support the changes in the Bulgarian legislation and to improve the position and development in the sector.
  • To get in touch with foreign associations working on same basis.



Aims of BPPMA:


  • To support and control the observing of Bulgarian and European legislative standards in the sector.
  • To minister the forcing of criteria for high quality and reliability of plastic pipes, which are produced and offered on the Bulgarian market.
  • To protect the common interests of its members.
  • To approve a good convention in the branch.
  • To increase the corporative responsibility in the sector.
  • To stimulate the innovations in the area of the plastic pipes production.
  • To assist all person concerned to minister the European standards and to stimulate the Bulgarian production.
  • BPPMA member of TEPPFA
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