According to the Statute of The BULGARIAN PLASTIC PIPES MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (BPPMA) the bodies of the society are: a General assembly, an Executive council (EC), a Chairman of EC and an Officer of the organization.


General assembly

The General assembly is the supreme body of the association and consists of members having the right to vote and members having deliberative vote.


Executive council (EC)

The Executive council represents the association, organizes and controls its activities and defines the main working directions.  


Chairman of EC

The Chairman of EC is elected from the General assembly on rotary principle for a period of three years. He manages and coordinates the complete development of BPPMA and represents it to different institutions and third persons.

Chairman of BPPMA is Dipl.Eng.Nikolay Enkov, CEO of PLASTEC Ltd.


Officer of the organization

The Officer has an organizing functions.

Officer of BPPMA is Mr. Petar Stanchev, CHIMIPLAST AD